15-pages pdf with IAA personal chart (general public price)


You can order here 15-pages pdf with IAA personal chart
(for Person's name *, Gender *, Person's date of birth * (any date 1900 - 2099) and Person's hour of birth *)
generated offline and mailed by our worker to Contact name * Email *

On the chart you wil get your personal :
- 5 element make-up with 5 element percentages;
- very favorable, favorable, neutral and unfavorable element energies;
- Cosmic ID – 8 Numbers / 8 Trigrams;
- Organ Energy Analysis;
- calculations of clashes, trinities and combinations of the Branch Animals;
- Symbolic Stars.
See sample personal charts :
- Donald Trump 
Angela Merkel 
- Margaret Thatcher

Here you can find real local suntime for your birth- Place, TimeZone and DateTime
If you don't know how to do real local suntime correction for your birth time and birth place,
you can order just the solar time correction (without chart) here.

Please be patient, because the pdf generation process is made by real person.
You will receive an email with personal chart in between few minutes up to few hours.
Please check your spam folder, if you can't find our email.
Please Double-check the Email address you have entered before you pay.

personal chart (general public price)
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